Power House Recovery Center is a Texas Non-Profit Corporation qualifying as a public charity under 509(a)(2) and exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Incorporation with exemption was granted to Power House Recovery Center (PHRC) in 2016, as a “successor” organization, formed to carry on an established charitable activity (the Recovery Center) which has been assisting the community since 2009. Its “predecessor”, the Anonymous Alliance of Charitable Organizations, Inc. d/b/a Power House (AACO), is a qualified charitable organization which received a favorable IRS Determination Letter, effective June 2, 2009, and has timely filed all annual Forms 990. The applicant, PHRC, was created to continue the successful operations of the Recovery Center. The present and future activities of PHRC are anticipated to be virtually the same as those established since the beginning of the Recovery Center.


Effective July 1, 2016, PHRC began leasing the real and personal property previously owned and operated by AACO and hereinafter referred to as the “Recovery Center”. The detailed information presented below describes the past, present and anticipated future activities of the Recovery Center which has been in operation since 2009.

The Power House is Level II Recovery Residence as stipulated by the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) and by the Texas Recovery Oriented Housing Network (TROHN).


The Mission of the Power House Recovery Center continues to be: “To offer a spiritually-based 12-step program of recovery, in a supportive sober-living environment, to individuals in recovery from alcoholism or substance abuse.” The name “Power House” is reflective of the intention to provide a house where individuals can find God, or a ‘Higher Power’ of their own understanding. Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is possible, and the Power House helps residents find the “Power” they need to solve their problem, enables them to achieve sustained recovery and become useful and productive members of society. Special emphasis is placed on serving God and assisting the community.

Our charitable activities are primarily conducted by volunteers working with program participants under the direction and supervision of the officers and directors. At this time, most of the administrative functions are performed by the officers. Activities furthering our exempt purposes are conducted seven days a week.


All activities are conducted in an alcohol and drug free environment, thereby providing a very valuable safe haven for individuals that are seeking spiritual growth and sustained recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse. Activities are conducted in a manner to foster camaraderie and to provide a forum where individuals who have successfully recovered on a spiritual basis can share their knowledge, experience and hope with individuals in need of assistance.

Community is one of the primary benefits of our program at the “Power House”. Our ability to provide a constant source of support and encouragement, which is available at all times, from our dedicated Recovery Staff which live at the residence, along with our method of maintaining accountability with peer-to-peer reinforcement techniques, develops a greater feeling of success, security and belonging. We understand the concept that we share much in common with each other. “We all share a common peril, and a common solution which, in-turn, allows us to have a common journey! We are not alone any longer.”