Research shows that the duration of stay in a structured recovery program/environment increases the odds of staying clean and sober over a lifetime.

Our structured recovery program begins with the nationally recognized “Back to Basics” 12-Step program ( supplemented with our own 12-Step orientated presentations and workshops titled “Beyond the Basics”. PowerPoint presentations with group participation and scheduled workshops provide a structured time frame for new residents to complete the 12-Step program and receive assistance from our certified recovery coaches and senior residents. The program for new residents covering Steps 1-9 is presented monthly and takes approximately 3 hours per week for 3 weeks to complete. The continuing program for all residents includes 3 hours each month of presentations and workshops devoted to Steps 10-12.

The goal of our structured recovery program is to provide residents a limited but meaningful “personal experience” with each of the 12 Steps which will help prepare them to take the 12 Steps with a sponsor and to eventually become a sponsor. Becoming a sponsor and helping others recover will do more to insure long-term sobriety than anything else.

Our morning meditation is structured to include reading the entire basic text of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous each month (about 6 or 7 pages per day). AA Speaker Tapes are played at the noon Brown Bag meetings for residents on the property at that time. The “Power to Choose” group holds AA meetings at 7PM on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings. A brief evening wrap-up session gives residents an opportunity to constructively review their day.

Residents also participate in outside AA meetings and other spiritual activities of their choice.